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hdt outfit crashing game


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so I downloaded an outfit from this thread http://bbs.3dmgame.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5058899&page=1&extra=#pid157923499 it was outfit number 35.


everything was working fine, bodysliding the outfit opening it in nifskope etc UNTIL I actually equipped it in game and the game took a dump and died.


I can equip all the pieces EXCEPT the main armor piece it crashes my game


Here is the log file I found that could be relevant to whats going on in my skse/plugins folder 


I looked it up and found some fixes but nothing has worked thus far. so I'm not even sure if this log file has anything to do with whats going on.


[05/04/16 18:04:35]INFO: Queue OK
[05/04/16 18:04:35]INFO: SKSEPlugin_Load
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Fatal error occured
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Code : 0xc0000005
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Flag : 0x00000000
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Module : E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim\TESV.exe
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Address : 0x0046ecf5
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Module Address : 0x00000000
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: AccessViolation, try to read 0x000000b4 failed
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Call Stack (Skyrim ignored the frame pointer register (ebp) so it may not correct) :
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: TESV : 0x0046ecf5
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: hdtPhysicsExtensions : 0x0c60a8f4
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: TESV : 0x00aae208
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Thread local Havok memory heap:
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory allocator:0x01bb0f6c
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory allocated:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory in used:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory available:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory total available:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Temp memory largest block:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory allocator:0x01bb0f6c
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory allocated:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory in used:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory available:0
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory total available:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Heap memory largest block:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory allocator:0x01bb0f6c
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory allocated:4194304
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory in used:0
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory available:4194304
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory total available:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Debug memory largest block:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory allocator:0x01bb0f6c
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory allocated:4194304
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory in used:0
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory available:4194304
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory total available:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:39]ERROR: Solver memory largest block:-1
[05/04/16 18:05:40]ERROR: Minidump saved in hdtSkyrimMemPatch.dmp



now I do have 114 plugins active currently mostly outfit/armor mods some big some small


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