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Bodyslide doesnt want to build meshes for armors?


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I can't seem to get bodyslide to build meshes for armor using batch build. If i select the race menu option all it builds is racemenu TRI files.


The mods I am trying to build are


+UUNP Gwelda LazyBoy
+Gwelda Armor Pack UNP
+Merta Sotteta Tembtra UUNP Bodyslide Set
+Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP
+Sotteta Necromancer Outfit UNP - CBBE
+Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE
+Merta Black Rose Armor UUNP - CBBE
+Tembtra Thief Armor UNP - CBBE
+Ursine Armor Pack for UUNP Bodyslide
+Ursine Armor Pack UNP HDT
+Emfy LazyBoy UUNP HDT
+Emfy Cleric Robes - UNP
+Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit UUNP


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Are meshes supposed to go into the overwrite folder or do they go into the blodyslide mod?

The meshes from your mods should automatically go into the mod where they belong.

Example to show you that it works: Cassandra Frost Witch Armor for UUNP.

Open up Bodyslide and build everything that belongs to this set with your preset/an extreme preset like Manga body (to make sure you will see a difference).

Next step is to simply go ingame and try on the armor OR (more advanced way) to go into the meshes folder of Cassandra Frost Witch for UUNP, find the mesh (.nif file) for the armor and open it (with Nifskope for example).

You should clearly see that the armor has changed to the body type that you chose in the first step.



In case that you WILL find meshes in your overwrite folder, be sure to place them somewhere lowt get overridden.

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Merta, Sotteta, and Tembtra seems to be working, its ursine I cant get working. I haven't tried Gwelda and Emfy yet.

Things you can try:

-Rebuild the meshes and make sure that you select the RaceMenu morphs option.

-Be completely sure that the UUNP version is lower than the UNP version so that the game actually loads the UUNP version instead of the UNP one (what's lower in your mod lists overwrite everything above).

-Reinstall the UNP and UUNP versions (I really mean reinstall, not just simply disabling and enabling) and build the meshes again.

-Make sure that nothing overwrites the UUNP version of the mod. Actually, there shouldn't be anything overwritten anyways.

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