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Need someone to reupload an old Mralex pack


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I was looking for a costume "Leifang as Milk From Dragon Ball Z" and couldn't download it at his source, and I asked for it at it owner Mralex but sadly he has deleted it a few week ago.


Mralex from FSD Forum has deleted by mistake his old MEGA directory with all these projects :

1- Kasumi New School
2- Kasumi New Casual
3- Helena Black and red dress
4- Helena as Lady
5- Kokoro Office
6- Ayane new school
7- Ayane School Vintage (Doa1)
8- Phase 4 Dark Ninja Costume
9- Phase 4 Dark costume (History Mode)
10- Akira as Goku From Dragon Ball Z
11- Kasumi Office
12- Kasumi as Yae From Fatal Frame 2
13- Kasumi Black vintage (doa1)
14- Leifang as Milk From Dragon Ball Z
15- Leifang as Mio Amakura green From Yukata Fatal Frame 2
16- Hitomi as Claire Redfield from RE Code Veronica X


I was wondering if someone still got a save of those costumes and could re upload it please

Thanks in advance





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