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problems with "Memory Blocks Log"

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After i read about "Skyrim memory patch". I decided to use "Memory Blocks Log" and i had 2 problem:

1.Do i need SKSE steam_loader main.cpp to use with it? 

2.After tested highest values i don't know what will i do?

P/s:please help me guys english is not my main language i tried read guides but i can't understand that :(


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Short stability guide:
1) Install SKSE
2) Install SSME - this does the same memory blocks patching as SKSE, but seems to work better

3) Install Crash Fixes

4) Install ENBoost/ENB with memory management.(optional, only if you're running a heavy Skyrim)

That should do it.

Mem blocks log is just a plugin that logs block sizes to a file. Copy the MemoryBlocksLog.dll and MemoryBlocksLog.ini into "Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\". Check that "EnableLog=true" in the .ini. Run game fo some time, then check MemoryBlocksLog.log in "Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\".

If you reach highest values on first one, edit ssme.ini and get it bigger. Mind that you can only change first block size. Dont touch other things. Dont set 2nd higher then 256(default).

BTW: SSME must be copied into your Skyrim directory, where your tesv.exe is located.

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