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armor not showing up in 1st person


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Hi there


I made myself a new armor mashup and created an esp file for it.

Everything seems to work fine (crafting, upgrading etc), but when I go into first person wearing that armor, nothing is showing up.

Hands disappear and I see nothing instead.

Changing partitions in BSDismemberSkinInstance doesn't help. I also tried a vanilla 1st person nif instead of my custom gauntlets and It didn't show up.

Also when I use my custom 1st person gauntlets as a vanilla 1st person nif it works fine.


All this points to the fact that the nif is fine, but something is wrong in my esp.

Unfortunately I have no idea what...


Any suggestions, or maybe anyone could take a quick look at my esp?!

In return I could send you the armor for your personal use ahead of my release.


Here's a little preview of the armor:








I hope you guys know a solution to this smile.gif


btw, you'll find the armor by searching for "Lufia".

the esp is attached to this post



not showing







showing (when used as a vanilla replacer) as it should be








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Is this the correct path for the 1st person gloves mesh?


Should it instead be?



This is just a guess and your issue may be something else.

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I can't see anything wrong with the.esp


Try testing with the main gloves mesh.






Also, what is the race of the character you're using for testing?

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