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RaceMenu morphs from script


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   is it possible, and if so, how exactly can I trigger RaceMenu's additional morphs from script, outside of showracemenu?


It looks like kapaer's SetPhonemeModifier function operates only on fixed tables of vanilla morphs, the original SetExpresionOverride likewise.


I see SetBodyMorph functions in NiOverride, but none for the head morphs.


I found an old thread (link) where Expired, during the forming days of his bodymorph feature, says that basically any named (head) morph within a TRI should be able to get triggered dynamically, if I understood correctly. Only I cannot find existing functions to go about it.


It just seems unlikely to me that body morphs, a new injected feature, would have complete freedom of use, while the pre-existing head morphs would still be limited only to the racemenu sliders.  :)




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I've looked into this exact thing and haven't found the answer either.


You can find the source code for racemenu and it will show you how to imitate the body sliders with code. BUT, unless I overlooked it, I couldn't find the code for expressions. You're right that those sliders seem to do things that the regular nioverride methods do not. (Specifically, render values above and below 0-1/0-100 and apply combat expressions to female models).


Since the slider pages are organized like plugins, it seemed like I was missing a script/plugin for the expressions page... Or, maybe that page is tied in more with the C++?

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I've looked into how SKSE handles non-facegen run-time morphs and it seems there's simply a hook into a Skyrim's fixed-length array of current morph values, which SKSE writes into. And this table prolly can't be expanded or rellocated, cos it's accessed by vanilla black boxes. Most of the stuff related to facegen itself - generation and database of BSFaceGenNiNodes seems to be much better mapped and replacable. But the run-time morphs seem to be not.  :( I sure hope I'm wrong and I just overlooked it as well. Because when Expired talks about injection of his bodymorph system, he seems to have knowledge about where and how the face vertex diffs are applied.

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