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Jarl clothes replacer not working


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I have this strange problem: I replaced the jarl clothes with my own clothes using bodyslide, but the game shows the jarl with the original emperor clothes. Same goes for the emperor clothes, only shows the original. I´m using the skyrim legendary edition.

Please help me.


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One of these reasons, assuming the clothes do look different on your character, just not on the Jarl:


  1. You only replaced the meshes for one gender, and the Jarl is the opposite gender.
  2. The Jarl doesn't use the exact same set of clothes you edited. (there are 3 or 4 variants of Jarl clothes if I recall)
  3. You replaced the right meshes, but you have a mod in your load order that makes the NPC use a different outfit. (Use TES5Edit to find if any mods are doing this)
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