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Replace clothing


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Eazy way extract clothes witch you want replace from meshes.ba2 then open your custom armor/clothes in nifskope and save as FO4 clothes


example open CustomCloth.nif >save as >Fallout 4\Data\meshes\Clothes\Vault111Suit FemaleVault111Suit.nif

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Or you can simply rename the mesh of the outfit you want to use, to a vanilla outfit you want to replace. It's what I do all the time.


For instance, say you want to use the DA Harness, as the actual Raider Harness. So download the DA Harness, and install it like normal. Then run it through BodySlide to fit your body type, and then go to where it saved the mesh (Data\Meshes\DA\DAHarness). Copy the DAHarness.nif and then go find the Raider Harness folder (Data\Meshes\Armor\Raider04). Paste the file in that folder, delete the other file (Raider04F.nif), and rename your file you just pasted in there to Raider04F.nif.


That's it! And you can do that for any armor/clothing in the game that you want to replace.


Few notes, easier to download the CBBE armor replacer as it covers all the armors and will populate your folder with all the meshes you need first. This way you don't have to extract the files from the game. As well, us BodySlide to find the armors you want to replace. Browse through the list of all the armors in BodySlide (Thus why I said to get the CBBE armor replacer first. Makes this much easier!), and when you find one you want to replace, build it so you can see where it is located. You'll get a popup after building the armor that tells you where it saved the file at. Making it easier to find what armor/clothing you want to replace.


Nice thing about Fallout 4, is it uses single outfits for all armors/clothing so it is as simple as just replacing the mesh with another one. Except for some custom armors that use multiple pieces. So any armor/clothing mods you find that you think would look good as a replacer, just get it and copy the nif into the appropriate folder and rename it and it will automatically replace it. Easy as that. Hope that helps. :)

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Thank you ^^

To be honest, I have yet to download FO4Edit, so I didn't want to do it yet. This second idea seems great indeed. I'll most probably do it that way ^^ (and put Zenna's awesome creation in the game at the same time)

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