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Down with .bmp

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Fraps allows you to save the screen shot in various different formats. (Just ensure it's running before you start Skyrim).




Mind you have to pay for that functionality.




That said and totally ignoring it, doesn't the Steam screen capture do it's capture in jpg? (Just looked at my old steam screen shot directory for Skyrim and everything is in jpg - doesn't look like ENB stuff though).

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Mine is Steam, but I get .bmp in my Skyrim folder.


I think what myuhinny was suggesting was to use Steam's screenshot function (which outputs JPEG) instead of Skyrim's (which is BMP as you well know). Basically, instead of pressing PrintScreen, press F12 (or whichever key you have Steam screenshots set to).

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If you have a gaming keyboard you might have more buttons that do it mine is F12 I think is the one form screenshots and G12 I use the G12 one instead as it's to the left of my left hand for easier use instead of moving hand up and trying to hit the correct one and it's also quicker.

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