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Ideas for new game


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I'm starting a game with the RPG Maker. But I'm having trouble with coming up with  part of my story. The idea is that main character is given a choice of different powers (he can only pick one) by some demon like guy and that he was chosen. What I'm having trouble with is coming up with the idea of why he was chosen. One idea is that the demon guy was just bored and decided to just give the main character a power to see what he'll do with it.

I just like to hear other peoples ideas on why the main character was chosen and given powers. Also if you can help think of different  power for the character that would be cool


-FYI the power choices so far are:


Lock picking- With this the main character should be able to unlock anything without a key or a lock pick. He just goes to a lock and boom it's unlocked.


Mind control- With this the main character will be able to take over peoples mind and get them to do what ever he wants. For example you mind control your  female neighbor and tell her your hungry, she will give you some food or tell her to show you her tits she'll do that.


Time stop- WIP


The Idea is to have a replay value to it. Since you can only pick one power, some areas might be easier or harder for you depending on what you pick.

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Does it matter why the main character was chosen? Is he or she in a position to demand answers from the "demon guy" at any point in the story? Maybe it's part of some convoluted scheme of such complexity no mortal mind could hope to grasp. Maybe the demon lost a bet with another demon. Maybe he really is just curious to see what happens.


One of my pet peeves with RPG Maker games is excessive cutscene exposition. They go on and on and on and on and I don't give a shit, just let me play already. My point being, I doubt many people will see a mystery left unsolved as a huge flaw if the game is fun to play.

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could work but i don't think lockpicking really is a interesting power but would be nice as a learn able skill.


really love the idea of mind control powers and nice examples just don't expect players to just keep it to just exposing tits or foods :P(not that it sounds like you have plans to keep it limited )


time stop could be useful but not as appealing as mind control to me


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Edit: Holy crap, after hitting post, I'm seeing just how much writing I did here.  Sorry for the length, I'll just spoiler it.





If this guy is indeed a demon, as you mentioned up there, the classics for demonic motivation are things like stealing souls, trying to take power for themselves, or tempting the good to sin.  If all that fails, there's the other classic, and personal favourite of mine, "I did it cuz I wanted to" motivation, but some people see that one as pretty cheap with no depth.


The best way to figure out the motivation of the character is to think about the personality you've constructed for them.  I'm sure you've already got an idea of how your characters will behave and the things they'll say, so just think on them for a while and come up with what kind of goals a character like that might have.


I'm trying to avoid giving ideas that make it seem like the main character was a destined chosen one of some kind, because I've seen that one done a million times and feel it's quite a cliche reason to make any random character suddenly the focus of a story when they'd otherwise have no business being in, but with a bit of thought it can go alright.  If you'd like to take that approach, I have mostly only recommendations on what to avoid, though.  Try to stay a way from "Your (estranged parent) was a demon, so you can use our powers", because that's animu tropes 101, along with accidentally releasing a captured demon from his centuries old prison or whatever.  Magical birthmarks or other similar things are a little too random and arbitrary to really be meaningful reasons to get magic powers, so I'd say stay away from that as well.  I suppose I haven't seen a whole lot of "(Someone close to character) was a satanist or something and promised your soul to us, so we own you now" type deals.  That could give the main character some reason to fight back or something.



This decision might be easier to make with a little insight into the main character's personality.  A lot of the time, it seems, people give their character powers as a means of putting a  a certain type into a position of leadership or something similar, but don't think about what that really does to the character.  


Certain personalities will be better suited to lead people, which means they're the ones that would be chosen for a higher purpose, like fighting against their patron's enemies.  Those tend to be your typical "I'm the team leader! Let's win!" type characters who take to their new position as if they've always been in it, and I feel it tends to be the most common.  The next most common is the meek character that had greatness inside them all along! Yay!  They start off unable to fill their role, and then grow into it, sometimes with a complete personality 180.  Character growth and development isn't bad, but you want to make sure they're changing as it's appropriate and, most importantly, only when something actually brings about the change, like a major event or an important realisation.  


These two are basically used for the same reasons, but the first one does things on their own, while the second needs some kind of trigger.  They tend to be self motivated and virtuous, strong willed types that see a problem and say "Someone should so something about that, and since I'm already here, guess it's gonna be me".  Those are the "leader" characters, as I see them.  


Most other things fall into "follower" characters, who receive their orders from another, in this case, your demon.  They fight in the name of their betters, or have their strings pulled, or are in a position where they don't know what else to do.  The upside to this character is as long as they can be "used" by the instigator, they can keep going and basically have nearly any personality type.  The downside is that unless you play the cards right and make them grow in fitting ways, they'll always need someone else to give them a reason to take action.  Even if you do give them valid reasons and means to act on their own, they can easily become the second personality I mentioned up there with the leaders.  Like I mentioned before, these characters can be used.  They have exploitable personalities or pasts.  Both, to get the best feeling, really.  These ones are the hopeless characters who feel they can't escape their situation, the angry ones craving vengeance or something that are being lead on by someone claiming they can give it to them, or the weak willed that are tempted by what the higher character offers or fear what he threatens.



So now that I've ranted about character design, I guess it comes down to what sounds best in your opinion.  The way I see it, the main character can be the type that seizes power for themselves, and they took the demon's powers by force, or as part of a bargain, to further their desire for greatness.

They might have no real reason to take part in the situation at all, but this demon's got some kind of leverage over them, like a dark secret or something.

Or they might be the kind of person who needs guidance in their life, and reaches out for the demon's help, seeing them as their way out, or way forward.


Whatever you decide on, make sure the powers you've chosen for them are appropriate for their personality.  A gung ho superleader that solves his problems by beating them up probably wouldn't need a lockpicking skill, for instance, while a loner who avoids people and relies only on himself will feel pretty out of place with mind control powers.



Sorry to go off on this huge tangent.  I just like storywriting and character design, so I figured I'd throw in my two cents.  Hopefully all that rambling helped.



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I think being bored and picking some random guy to give powers to is a perfect enough reason but  I dont think its necessary to include the demons reasons through a lengthy exposition.  Instead just try to show his boredom in the way he talks and acts.   Maybe down the road in future dialogues have him just come right out and say it but in the beginning just try to make him look and feel like a lazy piece of shit demon.


On a side note tho you dont need to explain all the background for people, places, and events i personally like to have notebooks full of details like that.  It can sometimes lead to inspiration when i get stuck.

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This is my simple beginning idea of a story, but it's a could lead to be a good game if you could make it right.


The Demon Lord (or Queen) find the most pervert human on a fantasy city. The Hero (Heroine) is the most pervert human thus given the power.

In the game, you had 2 objective. One were to keep your pervert to max, thus your mission is to make the city became a Lewd city. (Free Sex, Rape, Incest, slave morality)

Other objective, having the power, but you try to nullify your pervert level. With this, you want to change the city became Love city. (Marriage, Peace, angelic morality)


The branching story is you are picking side between the good and evil, not just straight line story. You creating both Evil story and Good Story.

You have to create Evil Encounter and Good Encounter to all Keys NPC. (Encounter ~> Sex Scene)

Either way, choosing both story ... you basically making love with all key NPC's. Picking good side doesn't mean no encounter, it just the motivation are different, one is willingly, the other are by force.

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