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Weird scaling bug with Soulgem Oven - any ideas??

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This is a bug I have that is really getting on my nerves. I can't find a solution anywhere, and I want it to go away.


Basically, I installed SGO III, then I encountered a bug related to SexLab which caused all body scaling to stop, as well as permanently fucking up my camera. Because of this, Olfina Grey-Mane and Lydia got stuck with boobs that were bigger than their torsos. I had to do a full uninstall of Skyrim and all my mods to fix it. When I reloaded the game, I didn't put SGO back because it was part of the issue, and despite this Olfina and Lydia still had massive-sized boobs.


Eventually, I put SGO back, partly in the hopes of fixing the bug. No dice - the game didn't recognise them as having any scaling applied, and it didn't think they had any milk, so the mod couldn't be used to change their boob size. Then I had to change computer and reinstall Skyrim and all my mods, and the bug persisted.


It's not my load order - I've checked. It's not dirty edits or the like - I've checked. There's no known conflicts between SGO and any of my mods. All of the requirements for SGO are installed. Console commands do not work at all - kill/resurrect is useless, disable/enable's the same, sexchange keeps them with the huge boobs when I turn them back into women, and recycleactor is also useless. I like boobs as much as the next lesbian, but this is ridiculous. It's annoying as hell, and since I like to maintain a certain level of immersion, having them around at all is just not possible. Which is a shame, because I kind of like Lydia and want to keep her around.


So, does anyone have any idea of how to fix it? Please?

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