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Squigsquasher's Continued Incompetence- CBBE Conundrums

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(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum , this seemed like the place to post it)


So I've discovered the wonders of Bodyslide and tried tweaking my character. However, I have run into a problem- whilst the body appears in-game as it should when nude, if the character wears any vanilla clothing (well, I assume so- so far I've only tested it with the prisoner cloth tunic) she appears with the "default" proportions.

Do I need to install another mod? Do I need to dick about with Bodyslide? Am I being an idiot and missing something obvious?

Thanks, and my sincerest apologies for all the stupid questions I've been flooding the forum with.


EDIT: Never mind, I'm an idiot, I've just discovered the outfit conversions that exist for CBBE. DEEEEEERRRRRRRP.

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