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[HELP] SOS Underwear as Body Armor (Slot 32)

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Here's my situation:


I'm using Bikini Trouble and I made a few armor bikinis. I added the bikinis to leveled lists, but the problem is that males can also get the bikini. So, I need to set up meshes for the males. Easily enough I can set up things like Fur Armor and Leather Armor, but since they're bikinis I thought it would be cool to give the guys something a bit less covering as well.


This is where SOS comes in. I figured using the permaundies mesh would work nicely, but the problem is that they have to be set to slot 32 (body), and that results in ONLY the undies showing and body being invisible.


So, my question is, is there a way to use the permaundies mesh in such a way that it still reflects schlong size (i.e., the undies still function like SOS) but use the body slot instead of slot 52?


I did try a couple of other things, namely using malebody_0/_1.nif as the mesh and I also tried adding the malebody NIF to the undies (using Outfit Studio; I don't know any other software well enough), but the odd thing was that the body didn't work properly; in both cases it ended up being a little small and not connecting with the hands and feet properly. In the latter case, the schlong size was also messed up.

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