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Breasts "twitch" while standing still (fresh install) in 3rd Person View


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Hey folks, I'm quite a bit new to Skyrim and it's modding, so I might have made mistakes. I would appreciate some help.


I am using ModManager, the game is a fresh install with the following mods installed



- SkyUI

- RaceMenu

- Realistic Ragdolls and Force

- FNIS (+Creature & Spells)

- Joy of Perspective

- XP32SE


- BodySlide Studio

- "Reference Skeleton Fix for Bodyslide" (see further below)

- HDT Physics Extension

 - Alternate Start (to see if everything works as it should)


Before I add other mods, I want to get CBBE working with HDT

To do that, I followed this tutorial


quite by the book.


I did:

- .5

- 1. (without deleting skeleton_female.hkx, as the XP32SE-pages all say "don't delete")

- 2. (just plain CBBE from Nexus)

switch to second post

- 2. although the BodyStudio was a bit.. bothered by being installed via ModManager. I pointed it to the skyrim-root-directory, as it couldn't auto-detect. I'm not completely sure if my Body/Preset was actually applied to the ingame character

3. Did that, see modlist

4. Did that, although in my Outfit/Body-List it wasn't called CalienteBodyAdvanced TBBP, just CBBE TBBP


Didn't do other steps, as they were optional.



To describe the problem in more detail:

When I jump, everything seems to work fine (breasts behave like I would expect them to behave), but once the body is still again, the breasts seem to twitch upwards (not a lot, maybe... 1-2cm IRL) 1-2 times every second. Meh :(

Edit: This only happens in 3rd Person View, FPV works like a charm.


I'd also appreciate hints for the correct usage/installation of BodySlide Studio with ModManager

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I just fixed this problem in my fresh install. What I can recommend is install the skeleton, HDT-PE, and body in that order. Then, assuming your using mod manager, verify nothing is overwriting your skeleton. Finally verify their load priority follows the install order.


Other than that, verify you have the most current versions of all prerequisite mods.





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