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They just can't keep their hands off me!

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And its driving me nuts, first of all my character is a MALE.  It seems whenever he performs a sexual act within 50 yards of another male NPC that male NPC will stalk and rape him afterwards.


Under RaperS settings I have it set so that he cannot be raped.  Under Joburg I have player set to 0.00, homosexuality to 0.00.  I've experimented with the other various settings under there but it still happens.  Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?  I'm getting tired of being bonked in the backdoor.

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This happened to me once; my theory was that Joburg (or some other mod, but probably Joburg) bugged out or something. Try disabling that mod, loading and resaving, then enabling it and reloading again to see if that fixes it.


Also make sure you're not running LandE, since that might also cause this I guess (and it wouldn't even be a bug).

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