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Can I be a seductress?

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Hi, I'm new to the adult scene of skyrim modding, and one of the main mods I've been looking for is one that allows me as a female character to seduce any male or female in to doing what I want them to do.

Not just for the sake of sex. But I love to have a mod that allows my female character to seduce an NPC into giving them money in return for a sexual favour. Or get them to kill someone for you and you reward them with sex. But most especially, I would want to be able to entice them into following me blindly, so I can lead them into a back alleyway and mercilessly kill them.

When I've played as a female character, I make such an effort to make them look as hot as the skyrim engine can possibly manage in my eyes. But no one treats you any differently.

If someone knows of, or can create a mod that allows you to do the sort of thing I've described above with a success level based off of speechcraft, - OR, better yet, a slider you can adjust your characters attractiveness level with in the character creation screen/racemenu, I would be really grateful. :D

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SexLab Attraction plus SexLab Approach for the "npc-approaches-pc"-part and like Frenzlin said Sexlab Romance for the "pc-approaches-npc"-part...that`s it

Okay this way you can`t command npcs to kill someone for you but the merciless assassin works ^^


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