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Creature animations work, but human ones don't

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I had just installed Matchmaker and decided to try to test it on the imperial soldiers at Solitude. However, nothing happened except going into 3rd person and just standing there. I then went out to the stables and tested it on a guard, still didn't work. I then tested it on my horse but this time it worked. I then went to the giant camp outside of Whiterun and it worked on the giants. I went over the bandit camp behind Whiterun and tried to test the mod on the bandits there but all they did was attack me. I even tried to use the Sexlab target spells on all these without any results (except on creatures.)

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Looks like humans animation aren't registered, maybe rerun FNIS or/and in the sexlab menu reset/register animations, ( also check in others mods you installed if all animations are registered, some like zaz have to be registered again after each sexlab reset )

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