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Outfit Studio Crashing with Mod Organizer


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It's possible that your textures and meshes aren't being read right.

Try totally reinstalling Bodyslide/OS and CBBE/UUNP. 
1) remove the .exe from executables

2) remove the mods

3) close MO

4) re-open MO

5) reinstall the mods

6) re-add the .exe

This SHOULD work. Every time I've encountered the crashes, this has fixed it.

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1. When you say remove the .exe do you mean take it out of the Bodyslide folder and put it somewhere else?

2. When you say remove mods do you mean disable them?

1) remove .exe = Open the drop down in the top right corner, select Edit, and totally remove Bodyslide from the window that pops up.

2) No. When you right click on a mod, there is an option that says "remove". Remove them.

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