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Changing tags for animations

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Just to quote back: 

toastman3, on 20 Mar 2016 - 11:19 AM, said:snapback.png

Kissing only has Arrok standing foreplay is there any edit I can do to tag the leito kissing animations?


Yeah. For the kissing scene, SE searches for animations that include all of the 3 tags: "Kissing", "Foreplay", "Standing". Leito kissing animations are missing the "Standing" tag, even though they're clearly standing animations, so if you add that missing tag, SE will use them. You can do this via scripting, or if you have Apropos, I think it includes a way of injecting animation tags by just editing a text file. Alternatively you could edit SE to not require the "Standing" tag, but then you'd get a bunch of animations that don't fit the context.


However, keep in mind the kissing scene only works correctly with animations that have at least 4 stages, since the scene is made to stop at the third stage to avoid an orgasm. Leito kissing anims only have 3 stages, so the orgasm will trigger before the animation can be ended



I'm not looking to add this Apropos mod just for this.


This is for Spouses Enhanced I'm just curious of how to add these tags I wanto to add the Leito kisses into this mod. What is the first steps I need for editing scripts for this?

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