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Suffering. Please help.


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Let me begin with a bit of a preamble here: a few years ago I spent ages carefully setting up my mods so that they all managed to work in harmony. It was lovely.


But that was two years ago.


Now all of the different updates since then horribly screwed everything up.


So. I'll say this:


I have all of the DLC. I have SKSE 1.7.3.

I want to have the BeeingFemale mod working. That's it. That's all. Belly nodes and sex leading up to it and all. And maybe Dangerous Nights. Hopefully those are actually still relatively supported... Or, feel free to suggest alternate mods that do similar things!


I began this night at around midnight. It is now 8:15AM. I've already done two reinstalls of Skyrim, a complete wipe and fresh install of all my mods, trying to keep it down to as few as possible but I am just failing catastrophically. If someone would please help me out in setermind what mods I should use/load order I would thank you. This has been a long night and I am going to sleep now but hopefully you folks will have helped me out in the morning?


I've come pretty close. Yes, lots of CTDs, so I won't take about those, but: Once I had it all working but then I had the game crash whenever I tried entering Whiterun. Okay. Fixed that.


Then my game kept blacking out. Fixed that.


Then the animations wouldn't work. At all. I have no idea if I fixed that because then I lost all my dialogue options.


Then I broke everything and am now posting this. No error logs, no nothig, I will provide nothing for now. I'm just going to pass out- assume I'm starting with a brand new, clean slate.


Thanks a whole lot for your patience and consideration and future help!

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Well, no responses yet and I cannot edit my post, so let me do a little update: Took a nap until 11:30AM, then breakfast. It is now 7:42 PM. Nearly a day's worth of work trying to sort this out:


Deleted everything. Installed Skyrim+DLC(inlcluding texture pack). Decided to do this particular run with NMM, so I installed that:


Ran into problems with the NMM properly accessing Skyrim folders. Fixed that.


Downloaded SkyUI: check. Okay.

Downloaded FNIS: not okay.


If I install it through NMM, it is missing the template files (error..2013 I think) and the generator does not work. If I install it manually, the generator works fine at first- but it obviously does not show up in NMM, and any other animation mods I install are not picked up by FNIS. Copy the files over from the manual version to the NMM, I get 2001, the cache error of multiple versions clashing of FNIS.


Somehow re-installing NMM and then FNIS caused FNIS to no longer function (and, the FNIS thread on All the various forums are several hundred pages long, and horrifically confusing).


I should note, and this might be causing some problems- I've installed Skyrim to my E: drive, however it's redirected via the C: drive from Steam's files, because I cannot install Steam onto my E: for whatever reason. So, I don't know if the mods are just getting confused as to where the files are located or what, but I am so so so tired and would seriously appreciate some help. I've just wiped everything, for the sixth time today, and now I'm sitting at nothing. Please help me, and thank you in advance.

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I am largely like you, end use, by no means any pro whatsoever.


I stopped using both NMM and MO and got rid of them with extreme prejeduce due to the drama they caused me and my mods. NMM had mad issues trying to update itself, or its modlists or tried to update my mods even with auto updates disabled and kept overwriting stuff I did not want touched.


MO had issues with FNIS and SKSE. Mainly with FNIS. In particular, even with all the back up options disabled etc. it kept installing the mods into other places in the system, not skyrim/data where they are supposed to be. But FNIS for users, scans and works ONLY on skyrim/data. So I got rid of it and started to do all my mods manually. Since I have done that, my games are much cleaner, better running and I have far less issues then I had when I used to use mod installers.


Only utilities you need is LOOT and Tes5edit. It is however a grueling process, but once you get it, its easy.


I recommend the following:


1. Make a local steam back-up of your skyrim download.

2. Install skyrim and all the official content from bethesda, run the game once up to the 1st auto save in Helgen and quit. This will create all the necessary ini files, settings, etc. Also, when you are on that wagon, set your game prefs, controls, etc. save them. Install LOOT and Install Tes5edit

3. Install SKSE and jcontainers and jcontainer safeguards, netimmerse override and SKYUI. Use Tes5edit to clean update.esm, dawnguard.esm, hearthfire.esm and dragonborn.esm. then use LOOT to sort the order for you.

4. Delete your previous auto save, and run the game, again only until you see some moving NPCs etc. and get 1 autosave.

5. Install Alternate Start and its requirements.

6. Install XPMSE, HDT physics, realistic force, again delete old save and run game, this time you will be in a different start up, talk to statue, select "inn" "solitude" go outside and check that everything is working on all the NPCs. Quit and delete the save. IMPORTANT: FYI, reason for save deletion is so that nothing in the upcoming steps causes old facegen data to be exported to your new set up and you ending up with bronze or dark face bugs and having to re-install the game again. So make sure to delete, and your new games are completely new.

7. Then install bodyslide and your body mods, body and face textures, hair, eyes mods, MAKE SURE YOU USE MATCHING SETS. This is very important unless you wanna keep re-installing skyrim until you get it right. O, and not all mods are matching, even though most claim to be compatible, about half of them actually aren't.

8. Install armors and clothing mods. They all have to work with bodyslide and your selected body, again, they HAVE TO MATCH. Run bodyslide, make absolutely sure to UNSELECT nevernude. Hit the button in the lower left corner, and hit "batch build" again, unselect nevernude or you or your NPCs will have unremovable undies in the game.

9. Start another new game, go to solitude, check out the nPCs, let the scene play out and them disperse, remove clothing from yourself and few NPCs, see if everything works, if not fix it.

10. Install framework mods, sexlab framework, SOS, Racemenu, any other framework you might have and of course its requirements.

11. Install sex labs animation loader and some animation packs, especially the preggo ones for you, and the voice packs, there is even a pregnant voice pack now. Make sure you run the loader via MCM and all anims are loaded.

12. Install some minor simple sex mod to see if sex works.

13. Install your mods that you want and their requirements.

14. Reinstall SOS and XPMSE <<<<<< very important at this stage. If you dont do this you will end up with toons without schlongs or weird streched textures and skeletons etc. in the game.

15. delete all saves again and create your final character.

16. add any other mod you want and their requirements.

17. enjoy


All throughout this process you need to run LOOT and FNIS for users, a lot. BEwteen every one of tehse steps, +every time you change load order or alter a mod. sometimes even more then that as extra anims and/or scripts become enabled / disabled via SKYUI in the game, you need to exit and run FNIS before you continue.

For bodies, XPMSE is your most important mod, if any other mod alters it or overwrites it, your character or NPCs will get distorted during animations, this is why you re-install it, last, so that it overwrites any other mods stuff. It is really critical.


If you use body and face mods, you will have mismatches and ingame faces will become so ugly your game will be unplayable and permamently corrupted. There is no fix for this. its a base game bug that betheda neve rbothered to fix. CBBE bodies have some success in reduction of this happening here and there via some means, but it still happens. UNP is compeltely screwed. In order to avoid this ,when you initially do your body, face, hair, eyes, hands and feet skele and textures, keep deleting saves and all making new games along the way. Also, once you get the matched set for all + clothing armor, delete all facegen folders in skyrim/data along with the last saves you delete. If you don't have any, then that is excellent, as it means you did everything properly.


Noe a word of warning:

if you run bodyslide and change body or body, hair eyes, hands etc. or their textures midgame, you will end up with this dark face thing. Sometimes its even random innocent looking mods that do this. So keep your final toon final, do not make changes.


Hope this helps you some



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