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Sum putting usleep at bottom of its load order for masters


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 Title says it all. what i want to know is that bad. It use to not do that but it is since the last update of usleep.


Right now its like this.


1.skyrim and dlc

2. all other esm

3. last esm is usleep?( shouldnt it be rightbelow the dlc?)


what i mean is not by real load order but by how it shows its masters.

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USLEEP is a patch to the main game and DLCs.

It adds nothing on its own, like other ESMs might do. It just fixes bugs.


Putting it at just after the DLCs is OK, but a few (bad) esms were altering its content, losing it benefit.

So putting it at the end of your EMSs list, is OK (and almost recommended.)


Good EMSs like SexLab have no problem being before or after USLEEP.

Some "bad" ESM may have serious side problems if put after USLEEP.

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Remember USLEEP are patches to the standard game.


So for sure it has to be after the DLCs.


Now, a few really bad developed EMSs have problems and they replace items touched by USLEEP making the game unstable.


So putting it to the end of the ESMs is not a bad idea.

For good ESMs it will not matter because they will not touch the same items.

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