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Fookit - Error


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Hi Guys,


I've been getting this error for some time now.

The error (pic attached) occurs only when I load a save.

What's more annoying is that it happens (what seems like) randomly.

Most times it will load perfectly fine but then sometimes it just doesn't.


Lets say I create a save "Save 1" I exit Skyrim and come back a few min later.

I start Skyrim and load "Save 1" works perfect.

Now let's say I want to check for something in Tesvedit, no saving needed as I didn't to anything.

After checking I load Skyrim again (having made no changes to anything) and load "Save 1" and... blank screen after loading screen (I can hear amb sounds looping).

CtrAltDel and I get that error hiding behind skyrim.

Once that save fails to load it normally stops working for a few attempts.

I'd normally load an older save then once in game load the "Save 1" and it would work.


I've obviously done the steps on the error.

Reinstalled XPSE (3.77 I think)

Re-ran FNIS (no errors/warnings)

I only have one custom race (Ningheim which I copied the XP skel and using 7BO body)

No followers nothing, no one else using custom skeletons


This is on a pretty much fresh install of Skyrim (thats why theres no followers or custom NPC Races)

All female NPC's using CBBE body that I made in Latest Version of BS

Males using SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim-35463-v2-03-010b

HDT in use is V14.28

Using HDT Bounce and Jiggles CBBE  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59416/?

Using FNIS Sexywalk with PCEA2

Other Animation mods would be Sexlab (with some SSL mods), ArcheryGameplayOverhaul, EatSleepDrink, BathingInSkyrim, ImmersiveFirstPerson and DovakiinRelax.

MME is installed but not yet enabled (its a new game)

SGO is installed but no one is pregnant yet

(no vampire or werewolf mods)


Nothing in Papyrus of value, just the normal scripts not finding soft dependent mods.

It doesn't matter if the save is indoors or outdoors, naked or wearing armor.

I'm using default Shitty Bikini Armors as the only armor in game for now


Save game cleaner shows no script issues.

I've even tried resetting the Havok just for fun with no results.


If anyone can shed some light on what might be causing this that would be awesome.





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