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Hello all, i have been fooling around with loverslab and skyrim mods for a few months now, and after a couple of issues (animations not going off, wierd clipping issues, visual bugs, etc.) i have decided to completely wipe my NMM and start over. I was wondering if i could get some help on how to get started again, mostly easy to use and understand animation packs. 

*clarification, i am looking through the forums for help with this sort of thing, but the walls of text can be a bit intimidating lol.

Thought i would ask the community at large first for any reccomendations

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Not really sure what you need help with, but heres an order of what you can do after a clean reinstall of Skyrim:

1. Start it up once through steam launcher

2. Install skse and use the memory patch

3. install loot

4. install sky ui

5. install the crash fix plugin from loverslab

6. install Safety Load

7. install showracemenu precache killer

8. Install FNIS

9. Install RaceMenu + Beauty Mods

10. Install xp32 Skeleton

11. install Sexlab, SLA, and SLA Animations like SLA Funny Bizness + whatever mods you want...


Guess taking a look at this http://www.loverslab.com/topic/47360-anatriaxs-guide-to-an-immersive-skyrim/ might help you.

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