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switched to using 1080p resolution and no visual improvements


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so this is really weird, i switched to use 1080p monitor/tv which in its manual mentioned it was 1080p so i go to my settings on pc go to screen resolution and set it to 1080. then i go in game and set it too to 1080 (fallout 4) and just no difference from my 720p (1366x768), i did turn on some graphics options which helped but overall image does not appear any sharper than it had been before. i can still see blur and sometimes even pixels of the models, i have seen screenshots that some people have posted and they look way sharper and better than what i have when i play. and its not just fallout 4 but fallout 4 is the clearest of these cases. i have tried to change many other games settings and restarting and all but i dont see difference on the visuals. 


could this be due to graphics card? i checked nvidia control panel and it was set for 1080. geforce experience had the games also set to it. last driver was released 8th of this month and its what i currently have installed. i simply cant find difference in quality on old and new monitor even tough there should be some small difference at the very least,  or am i just so blind i cant see clear no matter the resolution?

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