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how do i do this?

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i have two mods that have similar armors and i want them to match. i thought it would be as easy as taking textures from mod A and renaming them to match the textures from mod B and then pasting the renamed textures over the existing ones. sounds simple and might have worked. the problem is mod A has no visible texture files. the whole mod is BSA. so how can i make the textures from mod B look like the ones from mod A?

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well, bsa unpacker helped in getting the textures out but then i hit another snag. mod A has a certain amount of textures and so does mod B. the problem is they don't match.

someone who knows more about what they're doing could accomplish this i'm sure.


here is mod A: the helm of amra is the one in question.



mod B: helm of the mounds



for anyone who might want to take a look and see if they can figure it out then tell me how to do it.

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