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missing papyrus log file

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Hello all,


I posted a query a few days ago but received no reply; then I read the troubleshooting section and understood why. So apologies for not reading the pinned posts first. In any case I have added the required entries to the "[Papyrus]" section of the "skyrim.ini" file (that's the one in "C:\My documents\My Games\skyrim").


I then restarted the game and went through a problem animation (it's one of those where the characters freeze with arms & legs apart) and saved the game immediately after. But no "papyrus.0.log" file was created. The Troubleshooting Guide mentioned that the file would be in the "~\My Games\skyrim\Logs\Script" area but as "Logs" directory was missing I created it (and "Scripts" too).


I even created an empty "papyrus.0.log" file and restarted the game to go through the problem animation again but still nothing. As instructed the "skyrim.ini" entries are:


Any ideas anyone?
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LOL, Mastrana, I think (no offense), that best answer should be CPU's. He gave you the right instructions.... ;) and it is saying what is the solution for finding MO's Log file.

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