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crosshair is off-center


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hey there!

i started a new game couple of hours ago. after picking up a bow and sneaking, the crosshair appeared halfway from center to bottom of the screen and slighty to the left. the only mod i've installed that modifies the crosshair's position is archery gameplay overhaul but i've went through its setting couple of times and couldn't fix it.



tried adding my mod list but got an error saying that i'm not allowed to post links.

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i solved the issue. it was like that in both perspectives. thanks for your answer.

for anyone who might encounter the same issue:

i disabled bow crosshair option in archer gameplay overhaul's menu, saved and restarted the game. it is weird though, i had not seen this in my earlier playthrough. the only difference now is couple of mods. maybe it's a file priority thing (mod organizer).

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