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About painslut follower. (sort of positive review).


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The pain slut follower original version, you guys are going to think this is funny, but the reason I got her is because...I end up hitting followers with friendly fire, by accident unavoidably...they cant die but they freak out about It understandably.


I even kill some of my people in civil war battles unintentionally, as well, cant avoid it unless melee.


So here is a lady that wont complain. She thinks I'm doing it on purpose but I'm really not...but if it helps her to think that fine.


Shes OK, but by her personality not desirable to hit, I like her submissive nature...but don't really want to beat her half to death. I just want her to obey, and give service, even to help her out...have her help me out, like a succubus minion as a person.


That's not s and m, what she wants, that's being psychotic. Why would one want to? She could even be adorable if she wanted to be. If she went on like that it would deform her.


I know someone hard core into that would not want someone to take a mace or battle axe to her, she would be dead...unless a cenobite? If she were a cenobite it would be cool.


Like a hellraiser movie,  part 1 and 2 type creature? It would awesome if she were secretly cutthroat from hellraiser. You know the lady cinobite?  I think I'll assume her background is a lie. Yeah.

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