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Hey Guys There are two funnybiz pack links which one is the file with the animations out of these :

 1)  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/48839-funnybizness-animations-and-forerunner414s-funnybiz-slal-pack-21616/?hl=funny

( this has further 3 more files which one out of those gives and animations... do i i need SL Loader animations... is SOme more nasty critters really required for the animations... i have SL creature pack though (Fnis)...


2)  http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2702-funnybiznesss-anubs-slal-pack/


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OK, let me explain this, the original thread from funnybuziness is an animationpack for modders, you can use it for your own mod, or replace existing animations with them, just change the file name to whatever animation you don't need and copy-paste-yes to all, and don't forget to use FNIS tool after that, but it will cause some nasty problem such as misalligned animations.so if you're looking to do it right, I can give some tips:

First, always choose animation with same stage number and similar character position.

Second, the animation performed by character might not be the right situation, you will likely to see a woman ass raping a man when it should have been otherwise.


If you have problems replacing existing animations or simply don't want to lose them, you will use the solution provided by second thread,install SLAL and use SLALfunnybusizness pack, then load your game, choose and add these animations to your sexlab menu in SLAL mcm menu, but take care, you can only add no more than 14 of them or it's just me.


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