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dose anyone thinking this, about the wasteland workshop dlc?


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i mean that dlc can capture and tame...including raider, right?


so when dlc released, i think someone make a adult fanfiction or rule 34 hentai.....about the female raider who pay the price as settlement cum dumpster.....plus effect of (male only) happiness. 


......jesus. maybe i seen much of hentai. 



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We already thought of it.


The moment I read Capture and Tame i already though of that haha...


To my mind the Wasteland Workshop DLC looks more like a framework which has the basics in and the modders can expand it into what they feel like.


You could expand it to be a Slaver's Den in a Slave Mod.


Also this topic should be in Fallout 4 Genera Discussion.

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