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Mod Idea Hand to Hand Disarm for both male and female races in Skyrim

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My thought on it was something along the lines of either using first or third person. In first person bash them with your sword in either hand then retrieve their weapon that way and finish with a kill move. In third person it could be used as a pseudo MGS 5 non lethal disarm. In this instance say the enemy lunged forward and you could just side step and have a chance to grab the weapon. And then you broke the opponents arm with a twist. Any ideas for improving combat would be cool, so leave a comment if you want. 


P.S. The purpose of this idea is to just get some ideas out there in order to improve Skyrim. Who knows, if Bethesda makes another Elder Scrolls maybe they will add such an animation themselves.


Third person example: gif link original source: https://i.imgur.com/ZeCENW7.gif




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