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That time when scythes ...

CFW Magic

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I wonder. Has anybody ever saw a CFW Magic scythe?

Glowing. Plasma. Scythes.

Google CFW Magic for images since the forum won't let me post those.

After adding CFW Magic - like Hikari armors and digging around for Lilith's Sickle ... Combining fload idles with hovering walk/run animations ... Constructing a lilac-skinned, pink haired, yellow eyes, H cupped maiden .... One starts to realize that there is a lack of them plasma scythes.

I don't suppose anybody had the idea as of yet, particularly since even HDN fans are not big on CFW Magic. Still, it would be cool to know if it exists. Wouldn't need to tear myself in half to learn how to draw the scythe myself.

Is it even possible to make transparent-like weapon blades?

(Who am I kidding, there's no way that scythe exists ... Time to learn 3D Max ... That or re-texturing Lilith's Sickle ...)

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