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Please help CDTs

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I had downloaded sexLab and deafeat which was working fine earlier but I had to uninstall it which I did without disabling it then reinstalled both with zaz , devious packs (except zaz texture and devious expansion) .. Now game is quite laggy with CDTs randomly

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as mentioned before, reinstall the mods completely and if you want to keep using your save you can try this: save game script cleaner

hey should i delete all the mods and use and script cleaner or just use it with all mods enabled?

Never uninstall a Mod during a Game and in most cases dont install without starting a new game. There are leftover Scripts in your Save Game.

yo i didnt uninstall the mod during game i just forgot to disable SexLab At MCM and just removed it from NMM without disabling the plugin?? and should i use Save game Script cleaner?

You will have to do a clean install again

Okay but how? Save game script cleaner? should i uninstall all my mods then use it for use it with all mods enabled

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