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How can I do this?


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I have a race mod that uses game resources and default skins for it's appearance, so of course it has no texture folder.


How can I apply a texture to this race? It uses the same body type as the texture I want to apply.



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Guest MonsterFish

Look for the races mesh, open up the nif file (Use NifSkope), go to NiNode>NiTriShape>BSLightingShaderProperty>BSShaderTextureSet then at the bottom click on the arrow besides Textures and it should give a list of the textures used on the NIF file. Then just drag and drop the textures to the location needed with the same name (IE, if the NIF says the texture is, say, SkinFemale_0.dds and the file you're wanting to overwrite it is called FemaleBody_0.dds, you need to rename SkinFemale_0 to FemaleBody_0.dds, or you can edit the Strings for the NIF file to the newer one).


You'll have to do this for all body parts, which are body, hands, feet and head. Both of which are likely to have a 0 version (Weight 0) and a 1 version (Weight 100)


If you can't find the mesh NIF file you'll have to open it up in CK and find it.


Okay I'm stupid and can't read. Yeah you're gonna have to go to CK and change up the files.

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I should specify then just in case. The race I am talking about is the side version that was made on LM.com for the Brutish Argonian race for the sam body type. Someone then made the Drachis skin for the SAM body type argonians as well. 

I can put the Drachis skin on the Brute race like I want, but then that modifies the basic argonians as well. 


I am trying to get them completely seperate, but all the Brute race has is face gen data and the head mesh.

When I open them in nifskope all I get is the head files even there, I think all the info is in the ESP file if that is possible, telling it to reference the base argonian info. (I know nothing about skyrim modding, I've never had to do something manually before like this, but I see no other way)


Thank you for helping me right now though, I appreciate it.



EDIT: Alright, thank you. I will try and take a look via the toolkit then, but I dunno if I will be able to do it or not I've never used the CK.


This is a link to the mod, if anyone who knows what they are doing with the CK is able to help:


I just need to modify it to have it's own standalone texture folder that links to it properly.



If not I am sure I will figure it out eventually messing with this.



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