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Game becomes see through and wont close

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I have a weird thing where every now and then my game does a sort of "semi-crash". What I mean by this is the game kinda tabs itself out but still thinks I'm fully tabbed in and the game keeps on running in the background. I can see my desktop but I have no cursor, unless i move to the task bar. If I try to tab back into FO4 it doesn't fix it and I cant close the program via the task bar. If I bring up the task manager I cant do anything either as its on the desktop... which is blocked by this transparent window FO4 is causing, meaning I cant click on it. The only solution I've found so far is to log off, which is extremely annoying and a waste of time as I have to re open everything. Has anyone else encountered this problem or knows how to fix it?

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Happens to me also from time to time. However, I can use task manager to close it.


What I do is start task manager and then hover my mouse over it on the tool bar. I don't click on it otherwise I have your problem.  While the mouse is hovered over task manager I use arrow and tab to select the game. I then hit alt e to end task. 

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