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[request] updated doa5lr.dat for Archive Tool


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Hello guys, I'm looking for the updated version of doa5lr.dat file for Archive Tool, because when I open recent released DLCs in AT (valentine's set, tatsunoko set), it goes like this. So if anyone got the updated doa5lr.dat file, could you please share it? Thank you :)



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hi, i haven't tried it but sf234 updated dat file :



if you are going to extract dlc to TMC files,you can also use lnk_reshuffle latest version http://w11.zetaboards.com/SFxT_Mods/single/?p=8264315&t=11420722

-extracting dlc pack to "/DLC" folder

-in asset browser type


(for valentine pack) or


 for tatsunoko pack

=> press "extract all" button => done

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