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Few questions with XPMSE and DSR


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Hey all, I just wanted to post and see if I could get some feedback on my load order as well as some pointers on how to get XPMSE and DSR working properly together.


I tried to make them work earlier, with no luck. Ended up getting rid of them and just playing without yet I now notice my one handers are placed on my back and draw from my hip (3rd person). In first person you can't really tell, so I have just been playing that way regardless.


This is the first game I've ever modded, and I'd like to think I'm somewhat competent on following basic guides, but tbh I've generally got no idea what I'm doing most of the time. For instance, I feel like numerous of my mods conflict with each other like my skeleton mods. At one point I had 7b, cbbe, unp, and some others all installed and activated just to try and get some sort of custom body to work. I'm sure you'll see the remnants in my load order.


Lastly, my "Styles" section in XPMSE MCM is blank, the author posted a sticky to upload what it looked like in the menu so attached is also that if anyone knows what the issue might be there.


Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to optimize my game :)


Load Order:


0  0 Skyrim.esm
 1  1 Update.esm
 2  2 Dawnguard.esm
 3  3 HearthFires.esm
 4  4 Dragonborn.esm
 5  5 RaceCompatibility.esm
 6  6 EFFCore.esm
 7  7 VioLens.esp
 8  8 Eyes of Aber.esp
 9  9 CharacterMakingExtender.esp
10  a Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp
11  b sjel blad castle.esp
12  c EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp
13  d Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dawnguard.esp
14  e Remodeled Armor - Vanilla Replacer - Dragonborn.esp
15  f AzarHairPonyTail 03 - Havok.esp
16 10 HDT Female Hairstyles.esp
17 11 Kamille.esp
18 12 EFFDialogue.esp
19 13 UIExtensions.esp
20 14 TERAArmors_CBBE.esp
21 15 marriagedynamicoutfits.esp
22 16 WWW.esp
23 17 TERA Weapons.esp
24 18 AwpSylvanas.esp
25 19 AzuraHouse.esp
26 1a Thunderfury - Johnskyrim.esp
27 1b RosaFollower.esp
28 1c DanarielStormbow.esp
29 1d My Home Is Your Home.esp
30 1e Quick Start - Skip the Opening Sequence.esp
31 1f SkyUI.esp
32 20 dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp
33 21 FNIS.esp
34 22 FNISSexyMove.esp
35 23 BodyChange.esp
36 24 RaceMenu.esp
37 25 RaceMenuPlugin.esp
38 26 FNISspells.esp
39 27 XPMSE.esp




List of all mods:



Azura's Dawn - Azura's Dawn
BodyChange - A Multi-Bodyshape System - Bodychange English
Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod - CHSBHC-Body-Physics-ModV2-4-1 (disabled)
Danariel Stormbow Follower with Body Changer - Danariel Stormbow - UNPBlessed BBP - Dream Girl BBP
Enhanced Character Edit
Extensible Follower Framework - Extensible Follower Framework v4-0-2
Eyes of Aber - Eyes of Aber v1.3
Female Follower Kamille Shy UNPB CBBEv3 Standalone - NEW UNIQUE ARMOR SET - Kamille Shy UNPB Unique Armor Version
Female Hairstyles with Physics - HDT Female Hairstyles v1.1
Female running and walking animation - Female running and walking animation none BBP
FNIS Sexy Move - FNIS Sexy Move 6.1
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS - FNIS Behavior V6_2
Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS - FNIS Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells
HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported - Standard - With collision
HDT Physics Extensions - HDT Physics Extensions
Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul
Marriage Dynamic Outfits - Spouse Redress and Hugging features - Marriage Dynamic Outfits 1_7 English
My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers - MHYH_121
NetImmerse Override - NetImmerse Override v3-2-2
Quick Start - Skip The Opening Sequence - Quick Start - Skip The Opening Sequence v2_0
RaceCompatibility with fixes
RaceMenu - RaceMenu v3-2-2
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide TBBP HDT
Rosa Round-Bottom ---ADULT Follower Mod--- - Rosa Follower - HDT Version
Sabrina-A stand-alone Mage Archer Follower - Sabrina-Warcraft style eyebrows update and fix (disabled)
Sit animation - pose2
Sjel Blad Castle - Sjel Blad Castle- v1-44a - English
Skyrim Hair Physics Project - Ponytail for HDT Physics Extension for Latest HDT plugin
Sylvanas-a standalone follower - SylvanasFollowerVer1.10 the default outfit
TERA Armor Collection - CBBE - standalone - TERA Armors CBBE by frigus
TERA Weapons Collection for Skyrim - TERA Weapons
Thunderfury and The Bulwark of Azzinoth - Thunderfury - 2k Textures
UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul - UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul (disabled)
Undeadgoblin Character RaceMenu Presets - Undeadgoblin Character Presets
VioLens - A Killmove Mod
Warrior Within Weapons - WarriorWithinWeapons2k
XP32 Maximum Skeleton (disabled)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended



Like I said, I got rid of DSR that's why it's not in the load order.



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