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Need help testing my UUNP Spice Gear Conversions

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So today I decided I'd convert the UNP Spice Gear Collection to UUNP Bodyslide and I've got as far as Daedric Armor



for whatever reason my conversion of the Daedric Armor causes my game to crash and I have no idea why :(


If someone would be so kind as to try out these conversions to see if they can figure out what's wrong with it, I would be very grateful.

you'll need the original mod and BodySlide and Outfit Studio to do this.



You can install my conversions with NMM or do it manually.


Outfits included are:




Spice Gear UUNP & HDT Conversion.rar


This includes HDT and Non HDT versions of these outfits. Blades & Daedric version have a HDT and HDT Full version too

Full version include Belly, Breast and Butt Physics while the other has only certain Physics (Usually not Breast Physics because its a solid piece of armor)

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