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Requesting help with CK


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Hello everyone,


first of all, i hope I'm posting this in the right section, if not, my sincere apologies.


I tried to create my own follower using CK, by basicaly coping actor from another follower mod(I want its visuals).

First, I created ESMs out of all ESPs i needed to reference. I fired up CK, set said ESMs as masters, found and duplicated actor of said follower, then changed some traites on the clone. Unfortunately, when i extracted my ESP with my new follower, and confronted her in game, she had some default black head, insted of facial textures of the follower she "originated" from.


Now the mod I am referencing, is (originally) some small ESP with BSA archive. I converted the ESP into ESM so i could reference it, but that seems to be the wrong approach. Probably because the textures and meshes i need, are in the BSA archive.


So, i found some tool that can extract the BSA archives, but i am unsure what to do now - when i extract it to data folder, and fire up the CK,  i look at the "original follower" in preview, and it gives me bunch of some errors and warnings i really can't decipher. Some seems to be skeleton-related, some texture-related and after i click "ignore for this context" it displays the character with the default head i saw earlier in game on my clone.


What should i do?


Thanks a bilion.

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I had this whole thing written out, stepped away for a bit, and I closed the tab by accident. Ugh. Anyway, maybe this will help better than what I wrote.


But, one thing before you got reading what I've quoted. Create your follower first. You don't need to fret over appearances, you just need them created and functional. So, create them and check them out in game. If they have the grey face bug, there are videos on YouTube that show you how to get rid of that.


Now that's done, here is the quote:


The way I have always done this - in the Creation Kit load up SKYRIM.esm and the mod that has the face you want. Go to ACTORS>ACTOR, in the Filter type housecarl. Double click on HOUSECARLWHITRUN, Lydia's character window will pop up. Either write down what the trait menu says, or try and open Lydia's character window twice. Under template data, select the character you want Lydia to look like, then check USE TRAITS. Once everything is loaded, uncheck TRAITS, and put Lydia's traits back to normal.


Link to post quoted: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/858921-change-npc-face/

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