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Customizing Hair Mod, need some advice


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I'm fond of the hairstyles in KS Renewal where part of the hair is shaved.  What I would like to do is alter the texture of the shaved/scalp part so that it does not change color in game when I change the color of the rest of the hair.  There is a Multicolored Hair mod, where the author has used some existing hair mods and simply recolored parts of them, so that it looks like there are stripes and such dyed into the hair.  Based on looking at those DDS files I was pretty sure I could do it!


I thought what I would need to do is to change the color of the DDS file for that scalp part so that it was very dark, and then it would not reflect the color changes made in game.  However, when I finally located what I believe is the correct file (in this case, scalp.dds) it is already black!


So I'm not sure how to proceed.  Do I need to instead change some property of the DDS so that it doesn't get color applied in game, or is this even a possible thing to do?


Appreciate any direction you guys could give me!

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