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Is there a brief animation of the CBBE Body + jiggly mod?

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Guest Mogie56

It has jiggle but until there is a decent walk/run animation to accentuate it you won't see much, right now it's hardly noticeable. which is probably why there's not much interest in doing vids for it. 

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Pretty buggy too. If you use the CBBE Physics body that's included with CBBE it modifes the breast bones which is fine if you're naked but as soon as you equip armor that isn't built and weighted based on the same body it gets all screwed up.


Some people have made clothing/armor mods that have physics and used different bone weighting methods which are hit and miss. Some cause CTD's. Though I think those are just messed up nif's in general. 


I've been experimenting with it and have an armor that has 2 cloth reference nodes and a loincloth and breast physics. It's no where near properly functional because the loincloth flutters too much. It's supposed to be sorta like a hard leather material and acts like it's loose strands of thread, waving all over the place and clipping through the legs furiously. Breast weighting isn't terrible and it has a light bounce which is acceptable since the bra is a metallic cup with leather straps. 

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