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Mods, for proper sex and other stuff?


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So I've been trying to mod my Skyrim by collecting mods and installing them, but the animations seem to be fallen out, mods crashing. Is there a post with all mods put together, with instructions included?

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All, as in like ALL ten bazillion mods in existence? No....wouldn't work at all, you can only have like 255 esp files, and on the other more important hand, they wouldn't in any way work together. You're just going to have to do like the rest of us and find and test stuff out.


If you are just starting then I would highly recommend mod organizer to start with, skse, fnis, tes5edit, wyrebash, XPMSE for a skeleton, and obviously Sexlab if you want sex stuff. Other than than its all up to personal preference, but those things I mentioned are the must haves. You're probably gonna want your dudes to have equipment, so that and a female body will be your next step, again many different mods for this, all coming down to preference and what YOU want to do. No one can pre-build a mod setup for anyone, just won't work/crazy time consuming.

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