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Custom Race and UUNP BodySlide


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I'm trying to make a Custom Race for my character so every female NPC is not using 4k resolution textures.  I generated the UUNP body, hands, and feet in BodySlide and copied them along with the 4k textures and XPMSE skeleton to the Custom Race folder.  Using setrace in game works fine and my character looks as it should, but if I try to adjust the breast size in RaceMenu the nipples do not move.  Larger breasts appear to have holes in them for example.


I've been searching for information on this but have not been able to find anything and thought I would ask here.  I can't seem to find much on custom races with racemenu/bodyslide sliders.


Any suggestions?

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Have you select "Racemenu Morph" when you build the body?

Yeah, and copied the .tris over.


One of my searches found a topic on this forum where someone said not to copy the .tris and use the ones that come with Custom Races, so I've tried both ways.


Edit:  Just tried out all of the sliders and everything works except anything that adjusts the breasts/nipples.


It seems as though the very tips of the nipples are locked in place and cause a lot of distortion when anything around them changes size.

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