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[Request] Please help me with sound.

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I love Sexlab v161b. It rocks! However, there's one event from 159c that I truly miss. When i would whip Alicia Painslut, she would masturbate. At the same instance, one of the two Orgasmfx sounds would play. Brilliant and funny as hell! I have tried to link the Orasmfx sounds to the Leito_FemaleSolo_A1_S1.hkx in the FNIS_SexLab_List.txt. This is what I added there,

s -TSoundPlay.SexLabOrgasmFX/0.01 Leito_FemaleSolo_A1_S1 Leito_FemaleSolo_A1_S1.hkx.

The animation still plays as normal, but no added sound. I'm not even sure if this can be accomplished simply with an fnis annotation, or would I need to make a script\plugin to add a sound event to a sexlab animation. Thanks in advanced for your input. By the way. If a cum effect can be added as well, it would be genius!

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