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Player axis aggressively changes during dialogue

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So, I have had this issue literately from launch and noticed no one else ever talks about something like it. Almost 90% of the time whenever I am talking to someone my character will be facing the other person, then aggressively rotate to a random angle. Like I said, it's been doing this since launch so it cannot possibly be a mod. I did note it occurs more often when I swivel my mouse around, so maybe it's bugged? Anyways, would anyone else know how to fix such a bug or at least heard of it before?


Mouse is the Razor Abyssus.









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Happens to me pretty often. I've used a couple of different brands of mouse and it still does it. I also often get the camera moving to the wrong actor in dialogue and I have to move it back to get it to continue, been that way since day 1 so I just figured it was a "feature" bug.

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