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help with armor bug


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sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am a complete beginner at modding.


I decided to install 'a forsworn story', and all of its required mods (sexlab, untamed etc.) i managed to get it working, and it is playable, but...something strange happened. the 'topless forsworn armour' (as its called in-game) makes all who wear it into a floating head.


as i said, complete beginner, sorry if im stupid, help?




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There's a forum thread for the mod, it's quite expansive and the author is still working out the kinks. This has happened to me as well, not sure but probably missing data on the recent update as prev. versions didn't do this. But given the ease in which mods can screw eachother up, who knows

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Not sure if the "topless forsworn armor" is contained within the mod as I haven't used it, but things like this usually point to 1 of 2 things.


1. There are meshes/textures missing and that armor will be rendered invisible

2. You have an incorrect body/skeleton for the armor in question and the conflict usually leaves the offending area invisible.


This happened a lot with users of Deadly Mutilation over on Nexus and these were the usual suspects.

Good luck, hope you sort it :)

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