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Problem with my game

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Hello. I suppose you get the first screen with Skyrim logo to appear correctly, but as soon as you load the game it crashes, is it correct?


In this case be sure your save game does not relies on mod that are no more available. (There is an quick way to do it using Mod Organizer, just go over the save game and MO will tell you is some mod is missing.)

In case you have missing mods, then you can try (not super easy but possible) to clean the save game, by removing all the forms and scripts from no more available mods.

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There is also always, as I like to call it the "band-aid " fix of starting a new game and then loading your save from the in game menu. Definitely won't fix the problem, may even cause more in the long run, but it should most of the time let you get into your old game. You will have to do this every time you start up skyrim though, so it's not a fix by a long shot.

Download the Live Another Life mod and start a new game and from the alternate start prison cell before doing anything (it will make a save for you once you exit the character generation screen) load up your saved game.

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