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Oblivion Reloaded CTD with Shield on Back

Lamae Bal

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Here's my load order: http://pastebin.com/GzkjH9bj

I'm checking to see if anyone else has had a similar issue, as it's probably a conflict with some custom/OOO weapons but I'm not sure. Sometimes when I'm dual-wielding and try to put my weapons away the game starts skipping and CTD's as I try to put the weapon on my back. Doesn't appear to happen with any modded shields, just weapons as shields. Second weird issue is literally only one character save wants to load when I've been playing that character for a while, then all other ones fail to load, then eventually after a few restarts and bashing patch a million times other character will work and no others. Usually time works out these save issues or finding missing mods for the saves, but maybe someone has advice on that too. Thanks in advance for all advice/load order suggestions.

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