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How to add XPMSE to a prebuilt body


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Hello everyone, please excuse me if this is in the wrong spot, or if I'm doing anything wrong (lemme know and I will fix it) but I was wondering if it is possible to either add a skeleton to a prebuilt custom race from a follower mod, or to export the eyes and skin from one to set a different custom race. The follower mod speciffically is Undead May http://www.tesgeneral.com/#!May/zoom/cuyy/image165r(hope that link works right). She comes packed with a custom race that has a cool glowing eye and veiny blueish skin texture that I kind of dig. Now, she has esp., bsl., bsa., files and all sorts of stuff, and I tried to just place the skeleton in the mesh folder, but that didnt work, nor does just installing XPMSE normally. I suppose it's not really all that big a deal, but I was just curious as to if I could get HDT and all the fun stuff working for the character I want to make. I dont want to mess with the authors actual follower, I just want to be able to get the custom race to work with the skeleton for a PC.


Thanks in advance for any help, and excuse my ignorance, not the best at modding stuff....

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