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NIFSKOPE problem combining 2 armors


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Hello everybody! 


I recently started to use Nifskope for making a personnal armor, wich consist in a mixing of two already existing armor :




 I wanted to have the dress and the armor in the same spot (i wanted to have the lamellar armor with a dress under the armor, but the skirt would be visible) . I saw on a post that it would be easy will using nifskope : i should copy/paste the branch of the dress over the branch of the armor. The problem is that i find this result when i wear the dress ( I used the dress as the base for the armor mod) .ydkfAIj.jpgIf someone could help me, this would be really great.


Thanks for your attention. 

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Hard to say for sure when I can't see your files, but there are a few things to always check when merging:


1/ When copying an armor part from one set to another, is to use 'Copy Branch' and not just 'Copy'.

2/ When pasting an armor part into a set, you need to make sure that both sets have the same 'Root' name or you will get paste errors.

3/ After pasting, you need to make sure that the 'Body Slot' used by pasted armor part is correct and doesn't conflict with the existing 'Body Slot/s' or is the same.

4/ If adding a new body slot, your mod '*.esp' has to include the new body slot in both the 'Armor Addon' section and the 'Armor' section or the piece will be invisible and/or cause issues.

5/ If you changed location of the pasted armor part textures, which you may want to do, you need to update the texture locators for that armor part.

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